Cook and Speak addresses needs of young students (from the age of 10) who are learning French at school and want to practice in a foodie context as an alternative to traditional tutoring.

Classes last 2.5 hours. They take place at home in Earl's Court but can also be organised at school premises or home of one of the participants if there is enough kitchen space available. Students speak French, play quiz or role models, cook and eat 1 or 2 dishes either savoury and/or sweet...have fun!


Younger students approach the language playing games like "petit-bac", "7 familles" or loto.

Older students engage in a class with a food related theme having specific vocabulary and grammar learning/practicing objectives. Example : "ma recette préférée" to practice infinitive, imperative and quantitative articles writing a recipe that will be shared with the others.


All levels of French can attend and it is preferable to form groups of similar level. Classes are taught in groups of 3 to 6. It is advised to attend at least 4 classes. 

Classes cost £30 and a set of 4 classes £110 per participant.