Adult Lunch

For those who do not work or have flexible schedules, are interested in flavors and want to learn to express themselves in specific situations and share their culinary experiences: 4 hour lunch classes that end with a "café gourmand".

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Brunch For All

For those who want to enjoy the weekend with family or friends and improve their French at the same time. While we cook we will experiment with different flavors, prepare and share a healthy, gourmet brunch: 3.5 hour class focused on learning by playing and cooking in good company.

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Adult Dinner

For food lovers who have a busy agenda during the day but want to deepen their culinary culture with friends or by meeting new people and practicing French in a very relaxed atmosphere: 4 hour dinner classes on Thursdays that start with an "apéro".

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Teen "Goûter" (age 10 to 16)

For those who want to initiate their kids into the art of French afternoon tea or "goûter": 2 hour classes especially adapted for teens. We'll chat, play, cook and enjoy a sweet and/or savoury dish washed down with a cup of tea or juice. Most of all, we'll speak French as much as possible!

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